We love board games.

Sean and Jillian.
Waterworks started as an idea during a car ride to the mountains in 2019. Ever since, we have been crafting outdoor themed board games.

From our weekly spades nights to the occasional Lisboa double-header, our extra long dinner table has always had a game on it. Having enjoyed the classics throughout childhood from Mille-Bornes and Careers to Uno and Risk, the introduction of euro-style strategy games like Carcassone, 7 Wonders, and Railroad Tycoon added life into our gaming lives. We were hooked.

Our first game, Alpenglow, follows our passions for alpine skiing, mountain resorts, and the adventure of crafting an empire. We wanted to bring the ski area together together with the mountain village that supports it in a game where you navigate both. Build your own chairlift network but work with other players to define the mountain and develop the town. 

The dynamic duo behind Waterworks Studio is Sean and Jillian Wittmeyer. Sean is an architect and product strategist by day and Jillian is a UI/UX specialist and designer. Both of us are curious passionate explorers in the summer and gamers in the winter. We hope to continue to craft gaming experiences that bring the outdoors to the game table and are glad you are here to join in the fun.

Games and Architecture

In addition to designing and publishing games, Waterworks Studio is also Sean’s architecture studio. He focuses on carefully crafted residential projects from custom homes and ADU’s to remodels in Oregon and Colorado. His design background focuses on high performance, sustainable design solutions. Reach out if you have a project you’d like help with.

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