Data Policies.

We collect your personal information to keep you informed about game launches and to fulfill orders.

Our data policy is straightforward but we want to outline it here so you know what happens when you share your personal information with us.

Data Collected

We collect two types of information. First party details like email addresses, names, and phone numbers are used so that we (and only Waterworks Games) can share updates and process orders for you. We use third party tools like MailChimp, Meta, Gamefound, Kickstarter, Shopify and others to help us collect, store, protect, and use that data. We also work with our fulfillment partners including Bridge Distribution, Meeples Distribution, VFI Asia, and Aetherworks and share details in order to fulfill orders. We don’t sell customer data to anyone and have no plans to monetize our user and follower lists. 

The second type is anonamyzed data automatically collected via cookies on our website such as information about your web browser, rough location, and other details. This is collected using tracking tools we use for advertising and analytics. You can opt out of those services by turning off cookies or simply installing an adblock extension to your browser. We use Google Analytics and Meta’s Tracking Pixel for advertising where we use targeting demographics to find users. We don’t submit user lists or emails to these platforms.

Our email list can be unsubscribed from any email we send. If you suspect abuse, please reach out to us. 

This policy was updated June 4, 2024 with the addition of Shopify and our fulfillment partners as service providers we share data with.

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